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Orlando Non-Emergency Transportation Services

Dependable, Quality Transportation For Your Loved Ones

Dependable, Quality Transportation For Your Loved Ones

Wheelchair Transportation Service in Orlando

Wheelchair and Stretcher Transportation Services in Orlando, FL

Compassionate & Caring Transportation Services

DDJ offers wheelchair and stretcher transportation services for the greater Orlando area. We specialize in providing safe and reliable transportation options for individuals with mobility challenges or medical conditions. We prioritize passenger comfort, medical needs, and accessibility to ensure a smooth and secure journey.

Who We Serve

DDJ Transportation is a non-emergency door-to-door transportation service for clients in wheelchairs or who require stretcher transportation.

Whether you are an individual or a multi-location hospital system, we are ready to help.

If you have questions about transportation needs, please contact us and we’d be happy to explore solutions.

Hospital Discharge Transportation Services

Safe, Reliable, & Comfortable Transportation

Passenger safety is our top priority. That starts with safe and comfortable vehicles.

DDJ Transportation - Wheelchair Transportation in central Florida
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